Quick Mount PV Expands in South Florida

Publié le 2 avr. 2019
Quick Mount PV 
Quick Mount PV is expanding with a new facility on the East Coast. The company's new 10,000 square foot South Florida Warehouse and Training Center in Pompano Beach will supply the fast-growing Florida solar market and host installer trainings for the region.

"Quick Mount PV has been selling and supplying the east coast market since our founding, so we're excited to be expanding our facility footprint to the East Coast and South Florida for the first time. The Florida solar market is one of the fastest growing in the country, so locating there for our customers was a natural fit," said Yann Brandt, Quick Mount PV's President. "Taking soft costs out of our products is important to us and with our new facility we are able to take expensive logistics costs out of our supply chain for customers in Florida and the entire East Coast."

The new South Florida Warehouse and Training Center will host trainings on the installation of the QuickMount's solar mounting and racking systems. The trainings along with QuickMount's Elevated Water Seal Technology® have allowed the company to install over fourteen million roof attachments over ten-plus years with zero leaks--critical in heavy rain regions including Florida. QuickMount PV has trained thousands of solar professionals in the classroom and hands-on settings as well as through our online webinars and video tutorials on rooftop solar mounting systems.

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