Hannah Solar and Eguana Technologies to Bring ESS in Georgia and North Carolina

Publié le 9 janv. 2019
Hannah Solar  Eguana Technologies 
Eguana Technologies and Hannah Solar are pleased to announce the companies have partnered to bring residential and commercial energy storage systems to home and business owners in Georgia and South Carolina.

"Renewable energy has taken off throughout the Southeast and consumers want cost-effective, intelligent systems that can be easily integrated with new or existing solar PV arrays," said Joseph Waybright, VP of Sales of Hannah Solar. "Our early efforts have already delivered multiple residential sales where homeowners are looking to power essential loads for an extended period of time. The Evolve system allows our customers to easily expand their storage capacity from 13kWh to 26kWh to 39kWh at a very competitive price point."

The Evolve residential energy storage system allows new or existing residential solar customers to store excess solar power generation for use in the evening, maximizing their solar investment. In the event of a power outage, the Evolve system will keep the solar PV system operating ensuring that power is available to support essential loads.

"We are confident that our proven, outdoor rated, AC Coupled energy storage systems will allow Hannah to win more solar PV business while assisting home and business owners to reduce energy costs, prepare for power outages and become more energy independent," said Livio Filice, Director of Residential Sales, North America. "First residential installations are currently planned near the Georgia – Alabama border with additional installations planned in throughout Q1. Hannah has placed opening orders of approximately 500KWh of residential storage systems to ensure availability throughout 2019."

Hannah Solar is expected to complete their first group of Evolve energy storage systems in late January with installations continuing throughout 2019. In addition, the companies plan to collaborate on bringing the Elevate commercial energy storage system to business owners looking to reduce demand charges in Georgia and other select markets.

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