Solar Alliance Signs Agreement for 519kW Solar Project in California

Publié le 7 déc. 2018
Solar Alliance Energy 
Solar Alliance Energy Inc. is pleased to announce it has entered into an agreement with a division of Onni Group for the design, procurement and construction management services for a 519kW combined rooftop and carport solar installation at Manhattan Beach Towers. Construction will commence this week and is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

"Solar Alliance is proud to be working with Onni to reduce their carbon footprint," said Solar Alliance Chairman and CEO Jason Bak. "This is an exciting project for the largest office tower in Manhattan Beach and will provide significant long-term environmental benefits. Our team worked closely with Onni on site assessment, evaluation and design to ensure the solar project meets the needs of Onni. Meeting our customers' needs is core to our business ethic and results in a solar project that we can all be proud of. The Manhattan Beach Towers solar project is our largest commercial solar project to date in California and is a great example of our ability to provide solar solutions for our clients anywhere in the United States," said Bak.

"It's always great when our corporate partners step up and do the right thing," said Steve Napolitano, Mayor of the City of Manhattan Beach. "In this case, going solar benefits their bottom line and everyone's environment, so it's truly win-win. I look forward to the project's completion, and to other businesses following in the footsteps of Manhattan Beach Towers."

The Manhattan Beach Towers solar project will utilize LG NeON 2 solar modules, Solar Edge inverters and Solar Edge module optimizers. The carport solar array will maximize power output for Manhattan Beach Towers in addition to providing shaded parking for tenants, shielding their vehicles from heat and rain.

"The DCM approach we are taking with this project allows us to expand our installation footprint significantly," said Solar Alliance VP Harvey Abouelata. "While most of the solar industry focuses on a specific local project, our focus is on the customer's goals. We know what it takes to develop and manage a successful commercial solar project, and as a result we can provide a cost-effective solution that reduces risk and best serves our client. We were pleased to develop this approach with Onni in the Manhattan Beach and we look forward to successfully completing the project ahead."

Construction on the project has already commenced and it is expected to be completed early in Q1 2019.

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