Sungevity Announces the Acquisition of EGear and Hawaii Energy Connection

Publié le 26 sept. 2018
Sungevity  Hawaii Energy Connection 
Sungevity announced a definitive agreement to concurrently acquire EGear and Hawaii Energy Connection.

"Sungevity is well placed to lead a consolidated and more technologically advanced residential solar power industry," said Scott Honour, Managing Partner of Northern Pacific Group, the lead shareholder of Sungevity. "The acquisition of Hawaii Energy Connection builds on Sungevity's strong capabilities, momentum and national market share gains. The addition of EGear's innovative technologies will enable us to offer even more compelling value propositions and services to more consumers."

"We're excited to announce the acquisitions of EGear and Hawaii Energy Connection, which will provide our customers with more exposure to integrated solar solutions with best-in-class storage and energy management," said Tom Holland, Chairman of Sungevity. "With 2018 shaping up to be the hottest year on record, and the consequences of that becoming increasingly clear, these acquisitions position Sungevity to provide the important environmental and financial solutions that US consumers are seeking."

"Sungevity fits so naturally with our business model and we're excited to become part of a company that is committed to leading the transition to a low carbon economy," said Chris DeBone, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of EGear and Hawaii Energy Connection. "Joining the Sungevity team enables us to offer our advanced energy solutions across the United States while at the same time providing more resources and capabilities as we expand services to our customers here in Hawaii," said Steve Godmere, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of EGear and Hawaii Energy Connection.

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