NEXTracker Delivers Tracker Technology to Solar Plant in North Africa

Publié le 17 janv. 2018
Nextracker  Sterling and Wilson 
NEXTracker™ announced that Sterling and Wilson selected NEXTracker to supply 325MW (5 blocks of 65MW each) of its smart solar trackers to its project within the Benban solar park in Aswan, Egypt. The Benban solar park occupies 37-square-kilometers and, when completed in 2019, will host a total capacity of more than 1.6GW.

"We're thrilled that Sterling and Wilson chose NEXTracker to supply our trackers for what's predicted to be the largest solar facility in the world," said Dan Shugar, founder and CEO at NEXTracker. "We've developed a successful partnership with Sterling and Wilson, having deployed over 400MW of trackers for their projects in India, and are delighted to be extending that partnership to North Africa. It's very gratifying to be a part of Egypt's investment in the solar industry and the country's movement towards a cleaner and brighter future."

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