Guangdong Aiko Solar 4GW PERC Cell in Full Production

Publié le 5 janv. 2018
Aiko Solar Energy 
Aiko Solar annnounced its first period of 2.65GW high efficient PERC cell (single-sided /bi-facial) in full production on Jan 1st, 2018.

In April 2017, Guangdong Aiko Solar high efficiency PERC cell makes its first appearance in the 11th Shanghai SNEC show. After more than half a year's effort, Aiko Solar high efficient PERC cell's positive productivity efficiency is higher than 21.50% while back one's higher than 15%. and more than 70% mass produced cells for encapsulation in modules with outputof 305W+. Predictably, GuangdongAiko Solar will achieve goal of more than 30% mass produced cells for encapsulation in modules with outputof 310W+.

Guangdong Aiko Solar 4GW high efficiency PERC cell in full production is a milestone in the history of our company development. It not only can provide majority customers with more efficient products but also help to reduce the KWH cost by the way of increasing generating capacity per watt and promote the development and expansion of the new energy industry.

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