Publié le 8 déc. 2017
Sunrun Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of the Sunrun BrightBox™ solar energy generation and home battery storage service to homeowners in Long Island, NY.

"BrightBox™ can play a critical role for homeowners who want to have electricity to power through any storm, while also supporting New York's goals to power its future with clean energy and increase the reliability of its energy grid," said Sunrun co-founder and CEO Lynn Jurich. "Sunrun's BrightBox fits the bill for Long Island residents who want to be prepared with a reliable energy solution when the unexpected occurs. It can even become a distributed resource for New York utilities to draw on to keep the entire grid more reliable."

BrightBox technology is already helping customers power through extreme weather in Hawaii and California. "My system had just gone live a few days before major storms were forecasted in January 2017. Everything worked better than expected—including my refrigerator and freezer, lights, both TVs, and even my burglar alarm," says Bob Smith, one of Sunrun's first BrightBox customers. "Luckily my power was off only a little over two hours, but I’m sure I would have easily made it through the night since I had a 100% charge."

Source: SunRun
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