Juwi Commissions Two Solar Projects in Turkey

Publié le 10 nov. 2017
Juwi group put into operation two solar projects in Turkey. The first project consists of an 18.6MW portfolio which is located in the cities of Konya and Nevşehir, the second one is located in the city of Burdur and has an installed capacity of 1.1MW.

Commenting on the commissioning, Turkey General Manager Korhan Göğüş says: "We are pleased to have successfully transferred the solar parks into the hands of our clients. The Turkish energy market offers great potential for renewables and we are just at the beginning of a long road, in particular with regard to the country's target for solar energy." The target set by Turkey in 2016 was 10 gigawatts. As of the end of September 2017, 1897 megawatts of solar power have been installed in the country. Market analysts estimate the size of the Turkish solar market to be USD 10 billion. "juwi is well-positioned in this developing market and has an extensive pipeline of potential projects and will successfully realize more projects in the future," Korhan Göğüş says.

Source: Juwi AG
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