Meyer Burger to Deliver Diamond Wire Cutting Platform for REC Group

Publié le 7 juil. 2017
Meyer Burger  REC 
Meyer Burger Technology Ltd an­nounced the conclusion of a contract for its DW 288 Series 3 diamond wire cutting platform. REC Group has selected Meyer Burger’s diamond wire cutting equipment following a technical evaluation.

The contract value of around CHF 12 million includes the delivery, installation and commissioning as well as service support and onsite training for the DW 288 Series 3 diamond wire cutting platform. Delivery of the equipment will start in the third quarter 2017.

Steve O'Neil, CEO of REC Group com­ments: "As an industry leader for highpower multicrystalline solar panels for many years, our success is also based on cuttingedge and cost effective manufacturing technology. Choosing Meyer Burger and their outstanding diamond wire cutting technology enables us to continue to provide highquality solar panels with a strong reliability at a competitive price."

Hans Brändle, CEO of Meyer Burger Technology Ltd: "This im­por­tant order confirms our excellent longterm relationship with REC and once more demon­strates that Meyer Burger's DW 288 Series 3 diamond wire cutting technology remains the industryleading solution for the costeffective production of solar wafers. The product is highly attractive to customers in both the monocrystalline as well as the multicrystalline wafer markets."

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