Hanwha Q CELLS Signed 25MW Solar Modules Supply Contract

Publié le 24 mars 2017
Hanwha Q CELLS 
Hanwha Q CELLS GmbH and ADLER Solar Services GmbH have concluded a supply contract for 25MW Q.PLUS solar modules of the Q CELLS brand with integrated Q.ANTUM technology, with the option to upgrade to an additional 5MW. 

Hanwha Q CELLS and ADLER Solar are entering a long-term partnership with the goal to repower older PV systems. This business model is profitable for commercial/industrial PV system operators and banks or investors alike, whose solar systems are falling short of economic expectations due to an increasing drop in performance. Repowering measures restore the original nominal power of ground mounted and roof top installations, compensate profit loss and maximise feed-in tariffs.

"The repowering method is an extremely attractive solution for PV system operators, banks or investors alike, whose solar system show a progressive degradation", says Michael Reck, Head of Repowering at ADLER Solar. "Repowering clients expect continuous high quality standards: Starting with the concept, through the components used, all the way to the implementation of the appropriate measures", Recks states further. "Quality and high performance are top priorities of ADLER Solar for each repowering project and this is why we are thrilled to have found a competent module partner in Hanwha Q CELLS, internationally recognized for the extraordinary performance and reliability of their solar modules."

"The large number of solar systems for which repowering measures would pay off are impressive evidence that it is worthwhile to invest in quality modules when it comes to photovoltaic­ systems", Marko Schweitzer, Key Account Manager at Hanwha Q CELLS GmbH comments. "ADLER Solar's decision as the most experienced full service provider of photovoltaic systems to install Q CELLS modules in their repowering projects is indicative of the high quality of our products."

The process of repowering is designed to restore the original nominal power of photovoltaic systems with decreasing yield and as a result to maximise profits for the rest of the life cycle, thus ensuring the investor's ROI. This method is worth considering for agricultural, commercial or industrial ground mounted and roof top installations alike. At first, the system must undergo an intensive appraisal. The project then is carried out on the basis of an individual strategy concept including a profitability analysis and possible financing options, and handed over together with the appropriate documentation after a test run. The professional execution as well as the use of quality components is a decisive factor for the success of the repowering measures.

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Hanwha Q CELLS (Panneaux Solaires): https://fr.enfsolar.com/hanwha-q-cells
Hanwha Q CELLS (Installateurs): https://fr.enfsolar.com/hanwha-q-cells
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