Talesun Solar Supplies 96MW of Solar Modules to ColGreen North Shore

Publié le 13 déc. 2016
Talesun Solar 
Talesun Solar today announced that it has supplied 96MW to ColGreen North Shore LLC - for its solar project in California, from Talesun Solar Thailand factory.

In accordance with the ColGreen North Shore Contract issued thereunder, Talesun Solar will supply poly-crystalline modules approximately 96MW in capacity to customer through January 2017. Talesun Solar modules will be used to power the project ColGreen North Shore in the US.

"We are proud to have reached another significant milestone through this supply agreement with ColGreen North Shore project. This 96 MW project will further strengthen our position in the US market," Mr. Sheng Hao, Senior Vice President and Member of the Executive Team commented, "Talesun Solar's product reliability are reasons why we have selected as partners of Northshore Group for this project."

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