Geco Supplies Aluminum Solar Mounting Structures for 2MW Ground Mounted Project in Japan

Publié le 18 oct. 2016
Foshan Geco Renewable Energy 
Geco Renewable Energy Co., Ltd., recently received a new order from a Japanese client to supply aluminum solar mounting structures for a 2MW ground mounted solar project in Toyokawa, Japan. The area has a challenging climate—wind speeds can reach 38m/s and snow loads up to 99 cm—but Geco's newly developed aluminum solar mounting systems met the customer's demanding requirements. The system is made of high-strength aluminum alloy with a sophisticated surface treatment of anodic oxidation AA15, making it both durable and attractive.

Ms Tracy Yin, Sales Director of Geco said, "We completed shipment of this order in time for our Golden Week Holiday. Japan is one of our most important markets, and over the last year Geco has worked hard to develop it. We now have long-term relationships with three leading ECP companies in Japan, and have found that working with such sophisticated customers is an excellent way to keep our company on the leading edge. By meeting their rigorous requirements we grow as a company and they get better products and services, making it a win-win opportunity for both partners."

Source: Geco
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