Asia Clean Capital Cooperates with Trina Solar on 300MW Solar Pipeline

Publié le 15 juil. 2016
Trina Solar 
Asia Clean Capital today announced a cooperation agreement with Trina Solar to co-develop an identified solar pipeline of over 300MW in mainland China in the following three years. Under the terms of the Agreement ACC will provide construction and financing for the solar systems and Trina Solar will provide technical support, engineering design, business consultation, and other services for associated rooftops.

The pipeline leverages the success both companies, particularly ACC's PV market expansion and financing capacity and Trina Solar's influence in the PV industry and relationship with the government. The project sources from this pool of rooftops are Fortune 500 foreign-funded companies' plants and production facilities suitable for PV power generation, well as other target projects as accepted by both parties.

Over its lifetime it is estimated that the pipeline of solar projects will result in the reduction of 9-million tons of C02, or the equivalent of 3.7-billion liters of gasoline.

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