Exosun to Equip 2 PV Plants Totaling 13.5MW in the South of France

Publié le 16 févr. 2016
ArcelorMittal Exosun 
Exosun will equip two new plants for CNR (La Compagnie Nationale du Rhône). The 9.5MW Beaucaire and 4MW Donzère plants situated in the South of France will be equipped with Exosun's Exotrack® HZ single-axis solar trackers.

On the Beaucaire plant, Exosun's trackers will orient 36,892 PV modules towards the sun throughout the day. Tracker construction will start in February 2016 and their commissioning is scheduled for September 2016. 17,300MWh of renewable energy will be produced every year on this site, enough electricity to power 6,400 homes .

The trackers on the Donzère plant will support 12,072 PV modules. Tracker installation will begin in April 2016 with commissioning planned for June 2016. The plant will generate 6,950MWh every year, equivalent to the annual electric consumption of 1,870 homes.

Through these new projects, Exosun and CNR strengthen their collaboration.

Source: Exosun
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