Delta Completes 4.6MW Solar Plant in Ako City, Japan

Publié le 21 janv. 2016
Delta Electronics 
Delta's proprietary solar plant, Delta Ako Energy Park, was completed and put in service today. This power plant is located in a mountainous area of Ako City in Hyogo, Japan. The new plant is equipped with a capacity of 4.6MW and takes up an area of 96,000m2.

The plant is expected to generate approximately 4,900,000kWh per year, which is equivalent to the electricity consumed by 930 local households annually. According to the Renewable Energy Special Treatment Act of Japan, the power generated by the Delta Ako Energy Park will be sold entirely to the power company and it has helped create a new business model for Delta.

Mr. Mark Ko, vice chairman of Delta Electronics, Inc., said that "Delta is committed to developing high-efficiency products and solutions. The server power supplies and telecom power conversion efficiency reaches 96% and 97.5%, respectively, while the solar inverter with 98.7% high-efficiency is second to none in the industry. Delta offers power and energy management solutions to the world, including renewable energy, data centers, telecom power, industrial automation, and more. The completion of the Delta Ako Energy Park is a milestone for Delta's active focus on renewable energy, providing clean energy to help create sustainability for the environment and cities."

Mr. CH Ko, Executive Director of Delta Electronics (Japan), highlighted that "the Delta Ako Energy Park demonstrates Delta's capabilities in integrating different technologies for the realization of distributed solar PV systems. Its innovation lies in using multiple string PV inverters and connecting to 33,000 volts extra-high voltage grid, which could also comply with local undulating terrain with maximum yields. Delta solves the local irregular terrain challenge while providing an ideal solution to deliver the best power generation efficiency that suits the high voltage standards and the strict conditions for power plant construction in Japan through the integration of its own technologies. This achievement reflects Delta's commitment to environmental protection by enhancing the reach of renewable energy." 

The Delta Ako Energy Park uses 17,256 solar modules and 185 units of Delta's RPI-M series string PV inverters which feature strong enclosure to withstand adverse weather conditions. The entire system includes 175 sets of 20kW Delta RPI-M20A and 10 sets of Delta 50kW RPI-M50A high-efficiency inverters that construct a distributed solar power system according to the irregular terrain of the park.

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