Exten Solar Powers Anti-poverty Solar Project in Hubei Province

Publié le 9 déc. 2015
Recently, Exten Solar and a company partner on an anti-poverty project in Hubei province, China.

When it comes to solar PV project for anti-poverty purpose, it's a good way to realize the effective combination among poverty relief and development, new energy utilization, energy saving and emission reduction. Not only can it propel the further development and implementation of the anti-poverty plan, but also it'll accelerate the steps to build up a energy saving & emission reduction city. More specifically, the living level of the local citizen can be improved effectively through setting up such solar PV facilities like agricultural solar canopy taking good use of barren land and mountain, which increases the basic income of the local people. In this way, the social benefit is fully demonstrated.

It's reported that to better deploy the project, it has been separated into 60 units and each village represents one unit installing 100KW solar system. Considering the different geological characteristics across the local area, engineers from Exten Solar have offered the optimized mounting system proposals. Meanwhile, Exten Solar has won highly praise from the EPC thanks to the simplicity & reliability of the product design that meets their demand for quick installation. The project has already completed and revenue generated from the solar system will assure the local people's basic living.

Source: Exten Solar
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