Zhongli Talesun Supplies 222MW of Solar Modules to ACME India

Publié le 10 sept. 2015
Talesun Solar  ACME Solar 
Zhongli Talesun today announced it has signed an agreement to supply 222MW of solar modules to ACME Cleantech Solutions Ltd. The time of delivery is from September 2015 to February 2016.

"We are seeing a significant pick up in the adoption of solar power in India this year and we are delighted to be taking part in the growth with our efficient and high-quality modules," said Mr. William SHENG, Marketing & Sales VP of Zhongli Talesun. "India is no doubt a robust and growing emerging market for solar energy. We believe this agreement not only demonstrates our growing brand awareness in India, but also sets a solid foundation for our expanding business in the region in 2015. We look forward to capturing more market opportunities in India with ACME." 

Mr. Manoj Kumar Upadhyay, Chairman of ACME, added "This is the first year we cooperate with Zhongli Talesun. We are delighted to further deepen our relationship with Zhongli Talesun on these projects in India. ACME had delivered many successful projects in the past. Looking into the future, we are also very optimistic about India's solar prospect and are expediting our paces to expand our projects portfolio. We have strong faith in Zhongli Talesun's dedicated team, comprehensive products and superior product quality and look forward to have 500MW of the follow-up order in year 2016."

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