Shanghai HIUV New Materials Co., Ltd.
RM. 909A, Tower A, Bldg.1, No.3000, Longdong Ave., Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Pilot Free Trade Zone, Pudong Dist., Shanghai
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Shanghai HIUV New Material Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focused on the research and development and production of new thin film materials, with thin film technology as its core. The company is committed to providing mid- to high-end thin film products, supporting technical services, and complete solutions for customers in various fields.

HIUV is known in the industry for its strong R&D capabilities, leading technology and complete product in the field of photovoltaic module encapsulation materials. It has become a benchmark company for quality and technological innovation in the photovoltaic module encapsulation materials industry. The photovoltaic module encapsulation materials developed and produced by HIUV have been widely recognized and praised by the industry, and have been used in large quantities by major power generation groups and first-line photovoltaic module manufacturers. HIUV has always maintained a leading position in the global market for high quality EVA encapsulation film used for anti-PID and anti-snail trail in photovoltaic modules, providing a cost-effective, high-performance encapsulation solution for the industry.

At the same time, HIUV has also taken the lead in developing various efficient encapsulation materials, including transparent and unblistered EVA films for high-yield double glass modules, white pre-crosslinked EVA films for improving the efficiency of single glass modules, and co-extruded POE encapsulation films for PERC mono-crystalline, n-type TOPCon, and HJT double-sided modules, thus opening up new avenues for cost reduction, quality improvement, and efficiency enhancement for the photovoltaic module industry. After years of rapid development, HIUV has become one of the most important and influential encapsulation material suppliers in the photovoltaic module industry.

In the future, HIUV will rely on the rapid development of the new energy industry to gradually enter the fields of automotive films, building material films, and civil home materials, exploring new directions and fields for the company to achieve sustainable development across industries.

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HIUV is a leading company in the solar encapsulation industry that offers high quality and innovative products.​






Panneau solaire Encapsulations

  • 1,53 / m2
    White EVA-S201W
    Séchage Rapide
  • EVA-S201MT&S201MR
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  • 1,46 / m2
    P507 for P-per...
    Séchage Rapide
  • EVA for GG Mod...
    Séchage Rapide
  • 1,16 / m2
    EVA for white ...
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