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Exide Technologies

Building 200, 13000, Deerfield Parkway, Milton, Georgia, 30004
+1 678 5669000
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    Acide de Plomb (AGM)
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    Acide de Plomb (AGM)
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    Acide de Plomb (AGM)
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    Acide de Plomb (Gel)


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Easy to access to the brand, lot of sellers. Good performance and quality, we didnt have any technical problems while we used these batteries. Definitely a good value for money.

-- Ábaco Ambiental, S.L.

We use these batteries because it is a really good brand that manufactures a high quality and is made in Spain.

-- Luz Verde Energia Solar

We like this brand because their products are made in Spain and because it is the best price - quality relation that we can find in the market nowadays.

-- Infrysol Instalaciones Frigoríficas y Solares S.L.U

We like Exide batteries because they have a really long life and they are very reliable.

-- Solartec Renewables

We use these batteries in most of our installations because we like this product, we think it is a very reliable brand of batteries. We are happy with this product so far.

-- , Ekain Taldea

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