Solar Power Expo China 2018

Solar Power Expo China 2018

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Date de Début
27 mars 2018
Date de Fin
29 mars 2018
International / National
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€ 181
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Ⅰ. Introduction:

China International Solar Power Generation and Application Expo (Solar Power Expo) is the combination and upgrade of “China PV Expo (CIPV Expo) & China Solar Thermal Expo (Solar Thermal & CSP China)”, with clearer service objectives in the expo, positioned to serve the end solar power generation and application in the industry, establish the platform for communications and exchanges between the manufacturing industry and the end users. It is the only solar power generation and application expo sponsored by end-user industry organization in China.

From the unique platform for investment, trade and knowledge sharing of Solar Power Expo in the solar power generation industry, how to carry out accurate market positioning for companies? How to more effectively ensure that the company brands and products hold a place in the clean energy sector in the future in China or even in the world? In Solar Power Expo, you can find all the answers.

We hereby invite you to participate in China International Solar Power Generation and Application Expo!

Ⅱ. Exhibition Scope:

1. Integrated Power Plant

● Clean energy companies
● Individual power producers
● PV power station developers
● EPC system integrators
● Power station operation and
● Maintenance providers
● PV power plant investors

2. Agricultural PV Application

● Agricultural and PV compensation system
● Fishery and PV compensation system
● PV agricultural greenhouse
● PV water lifting system
● Solar insecticidal lamp

3. Energy Storage Power Plant

● Physical energy storage
● Super conducting magnetic energy storage
● Electrochemical energy storage

4. Grid Connection

● Grid connected inverters
● Intelligent power transfer and distribution technologies and devices
● Intelligent power grid communications technologies and devices
● Intelligent transformer station system and devices
● Mini power grid system and devices
● Intelligent dispatching
● Intelligent safety protection systems
● Intelligent high and low voltage switching gear
● Power generation volume monitoring system for power plant

5. PV Cell

● Crystalline silicon cell manufacturers
● Thin film cell manufacturers
● Concentrator cell manufacturers
● Cell assembly manufacturers

6. Solar Power Application

● Solar power lighting
● Solar power charging devices
● Solar power and agriculture
● Portable solar power supplies

7. Distributed/Photoelectric Building Integration

● Distributed power generation system
● PV assembly and parts
● PV tile and PV glass
● Photoelectric building infrastructure
● Photoelectric building relevant technologies and services

8. Solar Thermal Power Generation

● Tank type, tower type, disk type, and Fresnel type power
● Generation system and relevant supporting devices
● PV part, tracing and firmware system
● Bracket, tracer, junction box, battery
● Controller, terminal box, cable

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