RoEnergy Bucharest Trade Fair 2019

RoEnergy Bucharest Trade Fair 2019

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Bucharest, Romania

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Date de Début
17 avr. 2019
Date de Fin
19 avr. 2019
Energies Renouvelables
International / National
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Ⅰ. Introduction:

A specialized International Trade Fair and Conferences of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Constructions, where countries from East meet with the offer from the West Europe.

The entire program of the Trade Fair RoEnergy was designed to satisfy the most demanding requirements, being based on the exhibitors' expectations, according to surveys conducted from the companies’ registrations, with the maximum interest and current issues.

Ⅱ. Exhibit Scope:

1. Solar system(photovoltaic, solar thermal)
● mono- & poly-crystalline, amorphous PV modules
● ac inveters
● mouonting structures for PV systems
● turn-key grid-connected PV plants
● solar tracking PV plants
● roof-integrated PV plants, small-scale PV installations
● facad-intergrated PV plants
● PV systems & hybrid systems for off-grid applications
● PV street lighting
● flat plate, evacuated pipes, unglazed & air solar collectors
● solar biolers, piping & components for solar thermal system
● complete natural & forced circulation DHW systems
● combined space heating & DHW solar systems
● combined solar thermal & gas systems
● solar cooling
● concentration systems for solar thermal power

2. Bioenergy (Biomass, biogas, liquid biofuels)
● woodlogs, woodchips & woodpellets gasification bioilers
● biomass district heating
● combined solar thermal & biomass systems
● steam cycle, gasfication, stirling engine biomass-fired CHP
● farm, landfill & sewage biogas plants
● biodiesel & vegetables oil burners

3. Water & Wind (hydropower, windpower, geothermal energy)
● turbine, components & turn-key mini- hydro plants
● large-hydro plant refurbishment
● off-grid & grid-connected small-scale windpower
● windfarms
● turn-key geothermal heating & cooling plants
● geothermal well drilling
● heat pumps

4. Congeneration, Trigeneration
● biogas- & natural gas-fired ICE CHP plants
● natural gas mocroturbines
● diesel- & biofuels- fired ICE CHP plants
● tri-generation plants
● industrial cogenration

5. Alternative Vehicles and Duels
● hybrid vehicles
● electri vehicls, PV recharging stations for electric vehicles
● pure and in-blend biodiesel, biodiesel-validated vehicles
● transformation kits
● technologies and systems for sustainable urban mobility

6. Hyenergy(hydroenergy and fuel cells)
● distributed generation with fuel cells systems
● fuel cells vehicles
● hydrogen-fuelled internal combustion engine vehicles

7. Consulting, design, services, carbon trading, R&D
● renewable energy planning, resource assesment
● project development & design
● green labelling, renewable energy trading
● performance contracting, third party financing
● renewable energy heat service & leasing schemes
● green energy banking & financing schemes
● carbon managment, carbon trading, joint implementaion
● technology information & transfer
● r&d, demonstration, testing & certification

8. Passive house & insulations
● press, ministeries, univerities
● associations, institutions

Ⅲ. Why Attend:

● Huge potential for producing bioenergy, Romania is the fifth country with the largest agricultural area in Europe, being also one of the firs contries in South-East Europe, in term of forest area.
● After a period of big solar parks investments, Romania will enter in the micro-investments era. The legistration is for micro-capacities up to 500 kwh for solar, biomass, biogas, hydroenergy and windenergy
● The labour costs are smaller than in other EU countries
● Stable economic situation
● Emerging country. Need of modernization in hydropower technology and the construction of new hydropower plants. Currently, hydropower potential is exploted at a rate of 48%.

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