Sustainable Energy & Technology Asia 2018

Sustainable Energy & Technology Asia 2018

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Bangkok, Thailand

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Date de Début
21 mars 2018
Date de Fin
23 mars 2018
Energies Renouvelables
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Ⅰ. Introduction:

Riding upon consecutive waves of success since its inception in 2016, SETA 2018 again promises to be a strong and significant platform to address the trends, issues and challenges in the realm of Sustainable Energy and Technology. That it is organized in Thailand – at the hub of ASEAN and Asia Pacific – further underlines its importance and timeliness. The region of Asia Pacific – comprising the mature economies of ASEAN, the emerging players of the CLMV cluster, and most significantly the mammoth markets of China, India and Thailand – ranks the highest in global energy consumption. Accelerated by rapid city development, industrialisation, evolving demographics, and committed to the universal campaign on climate change, the region is poised to explore revolutionary energy solutions that are secure, cost effective and efficient. Against such a backdrop therefore, the region presents a vast potential for economic investment, in energy and its peripheral solutions. In one of its projections, The World Energy Outlook estimated that around US$8.3 trillion is needed to improve energy efficiency in the main infrastructures of transport, buildings and industry.

SETA 2018 sets the stage to discuss these key issues.

With 4 main topics:

● Innovative Energy Technologies
● Novel Energy Storage Technologies
● Regional Interconnectivity: Power Grid, Oil and Gas Pipelines, Rail and Road Links
● Smart Urbanization

Ⅱ. Conference Topics:

1. Sustainable Energy Policy and Planning

● Energy Planning at a Regional, National and Local Scale
● Energy Pricing
● Fiscal and Regulatory Policies at Supply
● Existing and Emerging Energy Markets and Reforms
● Alternative Energy Market and Policies
● Financing & Investments for Energy Supply
● Energy Integration Plan, Experiences, Challenges and Opportunities
● Regional Energy Supply Infrastructure
● Regional Policy Integration
● Energy Sustainability

2. Low Carbon Electricity Generation

● Electricity Generation
● Electricity Transmission
● Electricity Distribution
● Electricity Storage
● Smart Grids in Power System
● Low Carbon Energy Projects in Asia
● Energy Efficiency and Management
● Clean Coal Technology
● Co-generation
● Nuclear Power in Asia

3. Green Transport and Logistics:

● Novel Hybrid Vehicles
● Electric Vehicles and Infrastructure
● Novel Battery Development and Charging Systems
● Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicles
● Public Transportation and Infrastructure
● Green Transport
● Fuel Pricing and Tax Incentives for Transportation
● Bio fuels for Transportation
● Pipeline Transport and Regional Connectivity
● Green Logistics
● Floating LNG Terminal

4. Smart Cities and Green Industry:

● Smart Grid for Smart Cities
● Low Energy and Low Carbon City
● Smart Waste Management
● Urban Renewable Energy
● Green Buildings and Infrastructures
● Green Urbanization
● Green City
● ESCO Approach to Smart Cities
● ICT Application in Smart Cities
● Digital Utilities

Ⅲ. Highlights

◆ Renewable Energy Technology
◆ Power Generation Technology
◆ Oil & Gas Technology
◆ Smart Urbanization Technology
◆ Digital Technology
◆ Hybrid & EV Technology
◆ Energy Storage Technology
◆ Education Zone

Ⅳ. Why Attend:

★ Corporate visibility: SETA 2018 expects to attract some 70,000 visitors conference delegates and exhibition visitors comprising high level policy and decision makers from government organizations and agencies and key buyer groups from across Asia’s established and emerging energy markets – all representing a highly potential source of investment opportunities.

★ Exhibitions escalate business: Exhibitions have been proven to be the most effective marketing strategy facilitating the highest return on corporate marketing budgets. The face-to-face direct sales experience with targeted buyers yield exhibitors significant benefits > enhance awareness of product brand and image > launch new products > research and understand market trends and dynamics > find new buyers > maintain on-going relationships with existing customers, and most importantly conclusive interactions that maximise sales.

★ Dynamic Visitor Promotion Campaign: Strong support from The Ministry of Energy, Royal Government of Thailand opens doors to promote SETA through inter-governmental channels both in Thailand and beyond. Equally substantial engines to drive up awareness are the mega industry players who are the corporate sponsors of SETA, whose networks comprise a wide range of important visitor clusters.

★ Key Buyer Profiles: The CEO Energy Forum and the 3-day multi-stream conference are powerful engines to augment the profiles of visitors to the exhibition. Over 1,500 participants from the energy industry pipeline are expected to attend the event. They comprise high level representatives from government and non-government organizations, industry giants, professionals, academicians and the media.

★ Business On-line Match-Making Facility: allowing exhibitors to meet with key prospects and follow up with them after the show – hence saving time and increasing efficiency.

★ E Services: on-line manuals facilitates the whole spectrum of exhibition management to simplifying the processes, to ensure cost effectiveness and efficiency.

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