4th Solar Cell Paste and Metallization Forum

4th Solar Cell Paste and Metallization Forum

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Date de Début
29 mars 2018
Date de Fin
30 mars 2018
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Ⅰ. Introduction:

National “13th FYP” PV industrial plan proposed that by 2020 PV power generation to achieve grid parity. Reducing the consumption of per cell paste, along with the falling price of silicon wafer, are the main driving force to reduce the cell cost. MBB, ultra-fineline metallization technologies help to reduce the consumption of silver paste; increasing localization rate of front-side silver pastes help cell manufactures to reduce paste cost. In addition, with the mass production of bifacial PERC cells, black silicon cells, n-type bifacial cells and heterojunction cells, the corresponding silver pastes are expected to be shipped in volume in 2018.

4th Solar Cell Paste and Metallization Forum will be organized by ASIACHEM on 29-30 Mar.2018 in Wuxi, Jiangsu, China. The upcoming conference will discuss the global and China’s PV industry outlook and paste market prospect; solar cell metallization technology trends; R&D and application of pastes for advanced high efficiency solar cells; front-side silver pastes localization trends and cost reduction; silver paste and aluminum paste technical progress and investment opportunities; key raw materials production, supply and demand of solar cell pastes, etc.

Ⅱ. Conference Topics:

● Global and China PV industry outlook and paste market prospect
● Advanced paste technologies for PERC, HJT and N-type bifacial cells
● MBB cell metallization solutions and ultra-fineline pastes
● Knotless screen technology and supporting pastes
● R&D and application of front-side silver paste for black silicon cell
● Screen printing technology improvements and yield enhancement - double printing and dual printing
● Ag paste and Al paste localization trends and investment opportunities
● Solar cell pastes technology prospect and cost reduction
● Quality control system for silver paste and aluminum paste mass production
● PV paste key raw materials technologies: silver powder, aluminum powder, glass powder and organic carriers
● Study on solar cell metallization contact and conductive mechanism
● Challenges and solutions for copper paste metallization

Ⅲ. Conference Agenda:

Mar. 29. 2018 Thursday

◆ 16:00~21:00 Pre-conference Registration

Mar. 30. 2018 Friday

◆ 09:00~12:30 Speech
◆ 12:30~14:00 Networking Lunch
◆ 14:00~18:30 Speech
◆ 18:30~20:00 Banquet

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