Jinergy Clean Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Jinergy Clean Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

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No.1 Wenshui Economic Development Zone, Lvliang, Shanxi
+86 354 3023555
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Ben Yu
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Crystalline à haute efficacité
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Jinneng Group

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Jinergy is a global leading PV manufacturer.By the end of 2017, Jinergy has 1.3GW production capacity in Wenshui manufacture base, and realized mass production of 280W Poly C-Si Modules and 305W PERC Mono C-Si Modules. In 2017, the company also commercialized high efficiency HJT cell & module in Jinzhong manufacture base, and will expand its production capacity to GW scale.



  • JNHM60-340~360
    340 ~ 360 Wp HJT, Bifacial
  • JNHM72-410~430
    410 ~ 430 Wp HJT, Bifacial
  • JNMM60-295~315
    295 ~ 315 Wp PERC
  • JNMM72-355~375
    355 ~ 375 Wp PERC
  • JNGM60-290~310
    290 ~ 310 Wp PERC
  • JNGM72-350~370
    350 ~ 370 Wp PERC
  • JNMP60-265~285
    265 ~ 285 Wp Polycristallin
  • JNMP72-315~335
    315 ~ 335 Wp Polycristallin
  • JNGP60-260~280
    260 ~ 280 Wp Polycristallin
  • JNGP72-310~330
    310 ~ 330 Wp Polycristallin

Mises à jour des Entreprises

23 oct. 2019

Jinergy to Impove Power Output of HJT Module to 530W.


Jinergy Clean Energy Technology Co., Ltd. provide high quality solar panels which can be used in both domestic & oversea projects.

-- , Risen Energy Co., Ltd.

Our customers speak highly of Jinergy's solar modules and the service they provided.

-- , Changzhou Almaden Co., Ltd.

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1 août 2019

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