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AmySolar sas

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1 rue Columbia, Parc d'ESTER 87068 LIMOGES
+33 6 52874974
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Couche Mince
Jonction Simple, Multi-Jonction

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In 2006, Pierre PARNEIX do the finding of poor integration and lack of aesthetics, the most common solutions to this time of on roof position of photovoltaic crystalline technology. He designed and patented an integration solution, one of the first solutions appeared on the market, but also one of the most successful in terms of performance and durability, both in very hot climates as cold weather. This new integrated structure will be fabricated by the newly AmySOLAR company, founded in 2009, with Claude Lejune, also manager of a company specialized in transportation and logistics.



  • ESC-270-300M60
    270 ~ 300 Wp Monocristallin
  • ESC-250-280P60
    250 ~ 280 Wp Polycristallin
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15 août 2019