Jiangsu Runda PV Co., Ltd.
No. 9 Beishan Road, Gushan Town, Jiangyin, Jiangsu
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Détails sur l'Entreprise
Type: Monocristallin, Polycristallin
Production (MW)/2015: 500
Gamme de Puissance(Wp): 190-360
Panneaux Design Innovant
Type: Tuiles et Bardeaux
Gamme de Puissance(Wp): 50-350
Description de l'entreprise (Publicité)
Runda is a professional solar module producer. We produce the top quality of PV modules and provide solar power solution. The fastest shipping and timely delivery are our strength.

Runda is a fully automated manufacturer of photovoltaic module in China. We use advanced machine arranging the production. The purification rank of clean workshop may reach 100,000 levels. It reduces the dust in the PV module production. Somont Auto-soldering machine keeps the less resistance and few defects in the solar circuit. PASAN flash tester is the guarantee for the accurate flash test. All of those efforts are the aim to produce top quality of PV products.

Runda products are approved by TUV and UL labs. Sun power transformation and Good Mechanical character meet the IEC61215 and IEC61730 standard. Meanwhile Chubb Insurance company affords the quality insurance for our customer. It is the complete guarantee for the end user.
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  • 0,326 / Wp
    260 ~ 280 Wp Monocristallin
  • 0,273 / Wp
    280 ~ 300 Wp Monocristallin
  • 0,247 / Wp
    320 ~ 340 Wp Monocristallin
  • 0,273 / Wp
    340 ~ 360 Wp Monocristallin
  • 0,229 / Wp
    300 ~ 320 Wp Polycristallin
  • 0,238 / Wp
    250 ~ 270 Wp Polycristallin
  • 0,229 / Wp
    260 ~ 275 Wp Polycristallin
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