LONGi Solar Technology Co., Ltd.

LONGi Solar Technology Co., Ltd.

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No. 388, Hangtian Middle Rd., Chang'an District, Xi'an, Shaanxi
+86 29 86686228
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Annie Xu
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Amy Liu
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杨文波Wenbo Yang
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肖琪Winnie Xiao
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张明富Mingfu Zhang
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田枫Feng Tian
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陶然Vivian Tao
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王建勋Brooks Wang
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Jason Chow
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Gavin Han

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Cellules Solaires

  • Mono M2A1L45B
  • Mono M2E1L45B

Mises à jour des Entreprises

15 juil. 2019

LONGi named "50 Smartest Companies" by MIT's Technology Review

24 juin 2019

LONGi Green Energy Technology Co has signed a project investment agreement with the local government of Taizhou City to expand its PV module assembly capacity by 5GW at the Taizhou New Energy Industrial Park.

18 juin 2019

LONGi ranked the most financially stable PV manufacturer by Bloomberg NEF

11 juin 2019

LONGi awarded RETC High Achiever Award for excellent module performance

30 mai 2019

LONGi high-efficiency PV Panels Used in Pilot UNSW Water Treatment Project

21 mai 2019

LONGi Unveiled the New High-Power PV Module in Australia - The 430W Hi-MO4

15 mai 2019

LONGi Released New Series of High-Power Modules - 430W Hi-MO4 and REAL BLACK

23 avr. 2019

Longi plans two new production lines in China’s PV heartland

15 avr. 2019

Recently, LONGi Solar was recognized by China Building Material Test & Certification Group Co.,Ltd.("CTC") as a "Top Runner" in the power degradation of photovoltaic modules.

Dernière Mise à Jour
1 avr. 2019