Jinko Solar Holding Co., Ltd.

Jinko Solar Holding Co., Ltd.

Jinko Building, 99 Shouyang Road, Jingan District, Shanghai, China
+86 21 60611799
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10 000
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Types de Matériaux
Lingot Monocristallin, Lingot Polycristallin, Wafer Monocristallin, Wafer Polycristallin, Cellule, Boîte de Jonction en Silicone, Boîte de jonction à Module Intelilgent
Production (Tonne/2012):
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Type de cellules :
Monocristallin, Polycristallin

Mises à jour des Entreprises

27 févr. 2019

JinkoSolar Launches Bifacial Module “Swan” in PV Japan

26 févr. 2019

JinKoSolar Has Won Rushlight Natural Energy Award and Solar Award

3 févr. 2019

JinkoSolar touts new LeTID testing standards as its solar cells show minimal degradation

29 janv. 2019

JinkoSolar Recognized as a 'TOP BRAND PV Europe Seal 2019' by EuPD Research

28 janv. 2019

JinkoSolar announced its partnership with Schneider Electric to donate a 55kW off-grid solar project in Abu Redis, South Sinai, Egypt.

3 janv. 2019

JinkoSolar Together with Schneider Electric Donated a 55kW Off-grid Solar Project in Egypt

27 déc. 2018

JinkoSolar with the B20 ERES Task Force commit G20 leaders to pursue sustainable energy transition

26 déc. 2018

JinkoSolar Awarded "2018 Best Corporate Governance for Listed Companies" by 21st Century Business Herald

25 déc. 2018

JinkoSolar today announced that it has been awarded the "Top Brand PV Seal" by EuPD Research for the second time in a row in Australia based on surveys of installers.


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-- , Fonrich (Shanghai) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

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-- , Bejadin for Power

Dernière Mise à Jour
25 janv. 2019