REOO Technology Co., Ltd.

REOO Technology Co., Ltd.

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Cheng'nan Industrial Park, Rudong, Nantong, Jiangsu
+86 513 84105505
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Mike Xu
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Charly Hu
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Shelly Zhu
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Holly Chen

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Verre Ultra Clair, Verre à Revêtement Anti-Reflet, PET Film Face Arrière, EVA, Encadrement, Cellule, Cuivre, Boîte de Jonction en Silicone, Boîte de jonction BIPV, Boîte de jonction à Module Intelilgent, Boîte de Jonction à Film Mince, Connecteur
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Monocristallin, Polycristallin

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REOO Technology is a expert supplier of solar panel raw material, We manufacture MC4 solar cable connectors with Polycarbonate raw material , we manufacturer solar cable assembly MC4 conenctors with high quality. We exported our MC4 connector to all of world since it's high quality and good after service.
Also we sell Solar cell, PV glass, PV aluminum framer, Backsheet , Junction box and others.


Cellules Solaires

  • RO156M

Panneau solaire EVA

  • 1,06 / m2
    Séchage Rapide

Mises à jour des Entreprises

16 févr. 2019

Today our solar panel laminator have reached Albania safely.(

15 févr. 2019

We shipped solar panel making machine to Albania today.(

14 févr. 2019

Today we are keep perfecting our online sales platform.(

13 févr. 2019

Today we will transport solar panel MC4 to our costomers in Australia.(

12 févr. 2019

Today we will transport solar panel MC4 to our costomer in Myanmar.(

11 févr. 2019

we start working after chinese New Year holiday.This year ,we will improve ourselves and we will try our best to make us a world-famous solar productions making company with good service.(

3 févr. 2019

The soldering ribbon is used for soldering the solar cells. The quality of the ribbon affects the current collection efficiency of photovoltaic modules. (

2 févr. 2019

Solar cable is the interconnection cable used in photovoltaic power generation. A solar cable interconnects solar panels and other electrical components in the photovoltaic system.(www.reoomc,com)

1 févr. 2019

This machine is used in solar panel production line and laminates various materials together. Take a common solar panel as an example: 1.Glass 2.EVA 3.Catamaran battery 4.EVA sheet (

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16 févr. 2019