Contemplay Energy Pvt. Ltd.

Contemplay Energy Pvt. Ltd.

506, 3rd Floor, Sharp Bhawan Commercial Complex, Azadpur, Delhi-110033
+91 82880 99196
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Arun Saini
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Manish Kathait
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Nitin Goel

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kWc Installés/2018
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We take immense pleasure in introducing ourselves as a faithful name in the field of renewable energy. We are working across all the verticals in solar value chain. We are catering to S​olar EPC, Power trading, Consulting, I&C, etc.

​​​We are one stop shop for​ ​​Mounting Structure​ (HD-GI)​, Inverters, ​PV Modules​​​ ​and all BoS (​​ACDB/DCDB, ​Energy Meter, ​MC4 Connector, Wire -AC/DC, Earthing, Lightning Arrester, SPD-AC/DC and AC Panel)​.​

We have special vertical for AC side of electrical that specializes in AC side of solar plants typically​ ​above 5 MW.
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8 oct. 2018