Solargroup Energy Ltd.

Solargroup Energy Ltd.

H-5600 Bekescsaba, Oszi u. 1-3
+36 20 9269761
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Imre Kukla

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Date de démarrage des installations
kWc Installés/2019
Réseau, Hors-Réseau
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Les installations de moins de 1MW, Plus de 1MW
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Hongrie, Roumanie

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For over 10 years I started my business with the aim that, in this world full of competitions and is often difficult to find my calculations. Due to language proficiency at the beginning of my business be dealt exoport import activities, and in 2008 opened towards renewable energy. You always employed in the electronics and technical things, so I get to do what I love! My aim is to more widely promote the "GREEN ENERGY" and these devices are me. available at the best price and quality for all experience has shown that increasing the interest and prompts you to install more and more people especially the food web (HMKE) solar systems.
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11 sept. 2019