PurpleRubik New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

PurpleRubik New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

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Room 703-704, No.116 Chengyang Rd., Xiangcheng District, Suzhou, Jiangsu
+86 400 9281628
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PurpleRubik New Energy, an innovative high technology company, specializes in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of photovoltaic (PV) Intelligent optimizers, intelligent wireless products, inverters, PV systems and service. Company also engages in the development, construction, holding, operation and maintenance of distributed photovoltaic power plant. PurpleRubik New Energy aims to take more effectively use of China’s photovoltaic industry belt and deeply develop industry resource integration.


Products and Services

Feis-connected PV Inverter

Photovoltaic Solar Power Optimizer

Smart grid Manager

Distributed Photovoltaic System Design


Scientific and reliable structural design

Silicone rubber seal,greatly reduce the waterproof interface, protection level more than IP65

Thermal distribution design, rapid cooling, protection of components

Intelligent security design, intimate worry free

LCD support multiple languages, one-key operation

Intelligent monitoring, intelligent management, intelligent maintenance

Neutral salt spray test 1000 hours standard

High efficiency inverter that can breath



  • Hybrid Inverte...
  • Mercury Series
    1.5~3 kW Réseau
  • Venus Series
    3~5 kW Réseau
  • Saturn Series ...
    30~36 kW Réseau
  • Saturn Series ...
    50~70 kW Réseau
  • Jupiter Series...
    4~12 kW Réseau
  • Jupiter Series...
    15~25 kW Réseau
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