BYD Company Limited

BYD Company Limited

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No. 3009, Biyadi Road, Pingshan New District, Shenzhen, Guangdong
+86 755 89888888
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Système de Stockage
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In green energy industry, BYD provides inverters of variouscategories. They are designed for Home Energy System, Electricity StorageSystem, Solar Energy Storage System, off-grid type and on-grid type. BYD'sinventers can satisfy your different needs.



  • BEM33KTL
    33 kW Hors-Réseau
  • BSG500KTL-A
    500 kW Réseau
  • BSG630KTL-A
    630 kW Réseau
  • BSM-125KTL
    125~1000 kW Réseau

Mises à jour des Entreprises

31 oct. 2018

BYD Co. Ltd. and SMA Solar Technology AG are expanding their strategic partnership. Both companies have already worked together in the European markets and the Asia-Pacific region.

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15 janv. 2019