Mingsun Solar Technology Co., Limited

Mingsun Solar Technology Co., Limited

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Nancheng Road, Zhangmutou Town, Dongguan, Guangdong
+86 769 87185823
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Joanna Liu

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Mingsun Solar Technology Co., Limited is working on design, developing, marketing and producing solar products, including solar inverter, solar inverter charger and solar charge controller for years.

With years experience in production and marketing, we customize ( OEM service) products to meet different international standards and specific client requests. And our products have been widely used in different fields. such as electric power, traffic, post service, public security, government and so on.

"Professional, Development, Innovation" is our belief, we believe that professional products and service, continuous development and innovation of the products with the trends will gain customer's trust.



  • MS-HF-PSW-300W
    0.3 kW Hors-réseau
  • MS-HF-PSW-500W
    0.5 kW Hors-réseau
  • MS-HF-PSW-800W
    0.8 kW Hors-réseau
  • MS-HF-PSW-1000W
    1 kW Hors-réseau
  • MS-HF-PSW-1200W
    1.2 kW Hors-réseau
  • MS-HF-PSW-1500W
    1.5 kW Hors-réseau
  • MS-HF-PSW-2000W
    2 kW Hors-réseau
  • MS-HF-PSW-2500W
    2.5 kW Hors-réseau
  • MS-HF-PSW-3000W
    3 kW Hors-réseau
  • GPI-1KW
    1 kW Hors-réseau
  • MS-GPI-2000W
    2 kW Hors-réseau
  • MS-GPI-3000W
    3 kW Hors-réseau
  • MS-GPI-4000W
    4 kW Hors-réseau
  • MS-GPI-5000W
    5 kW Hors-réseau
  • MS-GPI-6000W
    6 kW Hors-réseau
    1 kW Hors-réseau
  • GPI-SC-2000W
    2 kW Hors-réseau
  • MS-GPI-SC-3000W
    3 kW Hors-réseau
  • MS-GPI-SC-4000W
    4 kW Hors-réseau
  • MS-GPI-SC-5000W
    5 kW Hors-réseau
  • MS-GPI-SC-6000W
    6 kW Hors-réseau
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30 nov. 2017