Coeptum Sistemas de Energia, Unipessoal Lda.
Rua da Demanda, nº 198, 4740-023, Gandra, Esposende
Portugal Portugal

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COEPTUM – Sistemas de Energia, Unipessoal Lda operates in the energy sector, focusing on sustainability and energy efficiency.

We resell photovoltaic equipment, some of our own production, only to professionals in the sector.

The strong commitment to the photovoltaic sector, which began in 2003, has recently been joined by new products and solutions in the area of energy management, such as efficient battery charging and consumption management systems for the industry.

Solar panels, photovoltaic inverters, aluminum profile structures, and other products found in the COEPTUM portfolio are part of a selection of equipment developed by renowned manufacturers in the renewable energy sector.

COEPTUM has a wide range of products to respond to the specific needs of each project, providing its customers with the best photovoltaic installations, with full quality assurance.

The representation of major internationally renowned brands is the first guarantee of quality and safety, contributing decisively to the company's success in the market.

The high-quality standards that characterize the range of systems and solutions it offers its customers are supported by excellent human resources and infrastructure, which allow our customers to offer the residential and business market self-production and highly efficient energy use solutions tailored to the specific needs of each one.

Détails sur l'Entreprise
Couverture de Service Espagne, Portugal
Date d'établissement 2003
Langues parlées Anglais, Espagnol, Portugais
Distributeur / Grossiste Grossiste
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  • 0,168 / Wp
    Deep Blue 3.0 ...
    JA Solar PERC, Monocristallin
  • 0,150 / Wp
    JAM66S30 480-5...
    JA Solar PERC, Monocristallin
  • Deep Blue 3.0 ...
    JA Solar PERC, Monocristallin
  • JAM60S20 370-3...
    JA Solar PERC, Monocristallin
  • Vertex TSM-DE1...
    Trina Solar Monocristallin
  • Vertex TSM-DE1...
    Trina Solar Monocristallin


  • 0,0259 / Wp
    SolaX Power Réseau
  • DS3 Series
    APsystems Micro-inverseur
  • 0,167 / Wp
    X1-Hybrid G4
    SolaX Power Hybride
  • X3-PRO G2
    SolaX Power Réseau
  • X3-MIC-G2
    SolaX Power Réseau
  • X3-MEGA G2
    SolaX Power Réseau
  • X3-Hybrid G4
    SolaX Power Hybride
  • X1-Boost 3.0-5.0T
    SolaX Power Réseau
  • DS3-L/DS3
    APsystems Micro-inverseur
  • DS3D Microinve...
    APsystems Micro-inverseur
  • SG60KTL (Non-C...
    Sungrow Power S... Réseau
  • SG15KTL-M/20KT...
    Sungrow Power S... Réseau
  • SG10KTL-M/12KT...
    Sungrow Power S... Réseau
  • X1-MINI G4
    SolaX Power Réseau
  • X1-MINI G3
    SolaX Power Réseau
  • X1-BOOST G3
    SolaX Power Réseau
  • X3-MIC-G1 (Thr...
    SolaX Power Réseau

Systèmes de Stockage

  • T-BAT SYS-HV 5...
    SolaX Power Autonome
  • Triple Power 3...
    SolaX Power Intelligent
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