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Adresse : 28 Rue Lac Victoria, No. 29 Les Berges du Lac, Tunis 1053. Tunisia
Site internet :
Téléphone : +216 71 962052
Fax : +216 71 960272
Date de démarrage des installations : 2010 Effectif : 20
kWc Installés/2013: 1,100 Garantie: 1
Réseau/Hors-réseau: Réseau, Hors-réseau Taille d'installation: Les installations de moins de 1MW
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Autres Services: Plan, Surveillance
Zone d'Exploitation: Algérie, Libye, Tunisie

Fournisseurs de Panneaux Solaires: NexPower Technology Corporation
Fournisseurs d'Onduleurs:
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We are former senior executives and managers of Fortune 500 companies dealing in the semiconductor area, computer engineering, and electronics and with experience on the international stage. Equipped with industrial experience in fabricating solar cells and with partnership throughout the solar value chain, we know what techchnology(ies) to recommend to our customers ensuring their peace of mind in their investment.

Volta PV's mission is to proliferate the solar photovoltaic (PV) technology in Tunisia and the countries bordering the Mediterranean Basin, Africa and the Middle East.
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